DLV-Ultramarathon- Coordinator & Team manager

Two legends of the 100 km ultramarathon with the goal of a successful German team

Organized sport, whether at the top level or in popular sport, is always based on a symbiosis of active athletes and committed officials. Since the sport of ultra-running is pursued ambitiously into old age, it is an outstanding feature of this sport that the functionaries
are still actively involved in the sport, sometimes with outstanding achievements.

For example, the team manager of the 100 km national team, André Collet, is himself the German champion of 2019 (in 6:53:22 hrs) and furthermore the German champion
of Ultratrail.

The DLV‘s ultramarathon consultant, Michael Sommer, still competed himself for the national team at a world championship in 2016. He won the silver medal in the age group 50 and is also the sports director of the DUV. Michael Sommer is responsible
at the DLV for the national teams in the 4 ultra running disciplines in which world championships are held: 50 km, 24h, ultra trail and the 100 km.

Prerequisite for the appointment to the national team is the achievement of a standard. This is currently set at 7:00 hours for the men‘s 100 km and 8:00 hours for the women‘s 100 km.Beyond that one can be called up, if on basis of the previous achievements of a team, a team result of 21:45 hr. with 3 men or 25:30 hr. with 3 women is possible.