Technical regulations WMA

The Worldmasters Championships, which are embedded in this event, will be held in parallel. Age group winners of the respective national championships are eligible to compete and run for their titles at the same time.

World Masters Athletics (WMA), founded in 1977, hosts championships for age classes 35 and older. Due to an agreement between the two federations IAU and WMA, both world championships are held in one event.

All athletes who are 35 years of age or older and want to be rated for the WMA 100 km Masters World Championships must register themselves with the WMA. This also applies to the athletes who are appointed to the national teams of the IAU World Championships and who are 35 years of age or older if they would like to be included in their age group in the WMA 100 km Masters World Championships. For example, the world champion of the IAU 100 km world championships can only become world champions in his age group, or placed athletes in the IAU world championships can only achieve placements in their age group at the Masters World Championships if they are at the WMA have registered before the registration deadline.

In Sveti Martin a total of 275 runners were classified. The share of women was almost 40% and shows that the share of women in ultra cross country running is higher than in other running disciplines. For example, the German runners André Collet with 7:01:07 in the M45 and Hans-Dieter Jancker with 9:05:59 in the M65 won gold. The time of Nele Alder-Baerens meant the world champion title in the W40.

The specific conditions for participation will be available by February .