Race course

Through windless forests and fast on asphalt – 7.5 km Start-Finish Barnim Gymnasium

The town of Bernau bei Berlin, with its 40,000 inhabitants, is located just outside Berlin to the northeast. Bernau is home to the Bauhaus monument Bundesschule, the largest Bauhaus building next to the Bauhaus itself. The architectural monument ensemble is also home to the Barnim Gymnasium, an outdoor swimming pool and a sports ground. Since 2017, the former Federal School, built between 1928 and 1930, has been a UNESCO World Heritage

Anreise von Berlin

From hotel in the city of Berlin to the race course near Bernau
shortest distance are 22 k. To get there by shuttle-bus or car you need nearly 40 k and 45min.

Koordinaten: 52.70669496820302, 13.543640182406914


Der flache Pendelkurs auf der Wandlitzer Chaussee. Höhe: 72 m – 87 m

From the sports grounds, the running course leads onto the wide, wind-protected Wandlitzer Chaussee. The flat course promises fast times. One year before the World Championships, the 33rd German Championships in 100 km road running will be held on the same course. Men competition won André Collet in 6:46:41 h, women race won Katrin Gottschalk in 8:12:03 h.

Since 2004 Bernau has been the venue for races up to 24h. In 2020, as a substitute for the cancellation of German championships due to the pandemic, the DUV Challenge over various ultra distances took place at the Bauhaus Monument.

More details about the competition location and the route

  • The route is 7.5 km long, fast and sufficiently wide.
  • Despite the long straights, the route remains entertaining due to oncoming traffic.
  • The implementation is easy to manage for runners, supervisors and helpers, as everything is compact and the bike path remains as a spectator and supervisor area.

Start, direction of travel, refreshment areas, finish line


There will probably be separate starting areas for IAU and WMA starters. After approx. 200m, the two starting fields come together on the access road in front of the roundabout.


On Hans-Wittwer Street at the intersection with Hannes-Meyer-Street


Parking area in the south. It is important to place it in the outer curve so as not to impair the IAU runners.


The intended direction of movement is “counter-clockwise”. This means that the catering IAU VP zone is after the finish line. For the runners of the WMA ranking, self-catering will be provided before the finish line. But they then have the chance to get supplies from the official VP after they have passed the finish line.


The finish area is at the end of the long straight on the Hannes-Meyer Campus.


The intermediate times at the finish result from the initial lap and the lap length of the following laps.

With an entrance loop of 2.5 km and 13 further laps with a length of 7.5 k, the following km readings result at the start and finish:

2,5 k10,0k17,5 k25,0 k32,5 k40,0 k47,5 k
55,0 k62,5 k70,0 k77,5 k85,0 k92,5 k100,0 k

It is expected that an intermediate time mat will be laid at 2.5 km on the route. There are then these further intermediate times:

 5,0 k12,5 k22,0 k27,5 k35,0 k42,5 k
50,0 k57,5 k65,0 k72,5 k80,0 k87,5 k95,0 k