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Ultramarathon Veranstaltungs gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

The DUV has set itself the goal of organizing the ultramarathon world championships in Germany for the first time 35 years after this milestone in 2022. With a project plan to organize the IAU 100 km World Championships Berlin / Bernau in 2022, the DUV approached the DLV as the umbrella organization to submit the application to the International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU).

The IAU has DUV / DLV on September 22, 2021 the rights to host
broadcast of the 31st IAU 100 km World Championships.

As the organizer, the DUV founded the “Ultramarathon Event Charitable UG (limited liability)” based in Berlin in November 2020.

Berlin and Bernau are planned as venues.

gemeinnützige Ultramarathon Veranstaltungs UG
Rufacher Weg 43a
12349 Berlin, Germany

Managing Director: Olaf Ilk

The Ultramarathon Veranstaltungs gemeinnützige UG is a company of the Deutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung e.V.

E-Mail: info@wc100kberlin.org

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DE47 6001 0070 0971 0237 09

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